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Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Scented candle "The Provocateur" gilded with gold


Tempting provocation. Want subtle playfulness? An exclusive, sensual, aroma in your beloved space? "The Provocateur" invites you to a love game. Sexuality, fullness, and exotic Eastern scent will give the space notes of spiciness and mysticism. This smell of the candle and the cozy flame will not leave indifferent hearts. Precisely crafted glass and the...

Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Scented candle “The Prankster” gilded with gold


It’s an invigorating, unstoppable, and full of energy aroma, just like the champagne bubbles that keep foaming, inspiring, and dizzling. Bright citrus notes lift the mood, invite you to celebrate every moment of life, and intertwine with the freshness of mint and basil. The candle gets the body notes from vetiver and cedar, which allow us to feel the...

Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Side plate "The Provocateur" gilded with gold


A blink of an eye... sometimes it is all that it takes to get your day on a completely different shade. There might be a moment when you just want to break free and gently fool around. Give yourself this opportunity. An exquisite design, a provocative look that amazes you, can bring a spring awakening and thirst for life. The plate is made of quality...


Organic hand balm, 50 ml


Precise hand care is becoming more and more important as the years pass by. Our hands are the part of the body that relentlessly reflects our age. Also, dry skin can cause discomfort and a feeling of stretching. With "vielö" you will discover new rituals. The pleasantly textured organic hand balm moisturizes and softens dehydrated skin and improves its...